Hi there, I'm Amanda - USC Undergrad, feminist and ally, atheist+, everlasting GOP-stopper, vegetarian, math and science enthusiast, and actress. I have a bit of a dark sense of humor and I can be really sarcastic, but I'm actually just a big softy, don't worry. You just have to wade your way through these snark-infested waters. (INTJ.)

(formerly thefriendlessfeminist and thepandaspensieve)

I (rarely) make low-quality YouTube videos on feminism and science and atheism and stuff.

I'm a bit like Stargirl, but sassier and sort of obnoxious.

I put on my magical feminist party hat and never took it off.

Leslie Knope is my patronus.


  • What Professor Thinks Will Happen: If I'm really hard on them and give them bad grades it'll motivate them to work harder, and create better work! After all, there's no reasons to lower standards to placate slackers, so I'll just make my standards impossible to achieve instead.
  • What Actually Happens: (Student) Oh my god oh my god oh my god I worked so hard on the last assignment and I only scraped a B- nothing is good enough and if I try to talk to the professor she'll accuse me of making excuses I can't fucking deal with this fuck I can feel an anxiety attack coming on this isn't worth all this stress I'm just going to take a break and watch TV or go online even though that will mean less time to do the assignment and the quality of the work won't be as good but I can't help it I need to stop I can't breathe.
  • Professor's Reaction: It's your own fault you got a bad grade, you should have worked on it earlier and not put it off until the last minute so you could watch TV or mess around online.

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